Worms in Dirt


Made with chocolate pudding, oreo cookies and gummy worms. 

Snake Venom


aka lemonade :)

Reptile Birthday Party Water Labels by lilbeansprout on Etsy, $5.00

Lizard or snake eggs


Made with grapes

Frogs in a pond


Gummy frogs in jello, You can put them in the jello or on top.

Snake sub sandwich


You can make a snake like this out of any sub sandwich by adding olives for the eys and somthing for the tongue.

Watermelon turtle


Cut a watermelon in half, carve one half into a turtle and scoop out the other half and ad fruit. 

Snake cupcakes


make an edible fondont snake or use a plastic one the kids can keep.

Celery bug


the legs are pretzel pieces.

Pretzel sticks
Candy eyeballs
Brown candy melts


1. Following the directions on your bag, melt your candy melts until fully melted. Add a little canola oil if needed to thin.

2. Drop your Oreos in the melted chocolate. Using a fork, pick up your Oreos out of the chocolate and gently tap the side of the bowl to make any extra chocolate fall off.

3.Place your chocolate-covered Oreos on a cookie sheet layered with wax paper.

4. Carefully, insert desired amount of pretzel sticks into the sides of your Oreos (into the creme) for the spiders’ legs.

5. Place your candy eyeballs on top of each Oreo. When the chocolate on the Oreo is starting to slightly harden take a toothpick and move the chocolate around a little bit to create a “furry” look.

6. Place in refrigerator and chill until fully hardened. ENJOY!

Package of Green Candy Melts
Oreo Cookies
Red Candy for your tongue
Green Sprinkles
 (starbursts would work but I ended up using red cut up sugar covered gum drops)
Melt your chocolate following the directions of the bag.  Cover your pretzels and oreos in the chocolate.  Place pretzels together( bottoms side by side) Place oreo cookie on top of pretzels.  Place you tongue, eyes and sprinkles on the cookie!
Balloon centipede.
Hang paper vines for a rainforest feel!
Dig for bugs activity, with fake bugs of course. ;)
Frog pinata from oriental trading co.