Q: Can I have my party outside?


A: If weather permits parties and presentations can be done outside. An indoor option MUST be arranged in the event of bad weather. Temps below 65 F or above 75 F will need to be indoors for the safety of the animals.


Q: How much room do I need?


A: Enough room for a 6' by 2 1/2' table with room to move around it and enough room for your guests.


Q: Do the animals bite?


A: While animals can be unpredictable, my animals have never bitten anyone.


Q: Is there any mess?


A: No, there is no mess involved with a party.


Q: Do I need to provide a table?


A:  No, I have my own tables and everything I need. :)


Q: Can I take pictures of the animals?


A: Yes! Please take all the pictures you want. It doesn't bother the animals at all.  We love when people share pictures on our facebook page too!!   



Q: What types of payment do you accept?


 A: We accept cash, check or credit card.



Q: Do I need to make a deposit?


 A: No deposit is necessary.