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  • Candace (Sunday, March 16 14 01:19 pm EDT)

    Kim and her son Chase did the most incredible job at our sons 6 year old birthday party. Not only did she completely engage the kids with stories and facts about creepy crawly critters the kids were
    able to hold the snakes, turtles and tarantula. The party was perfect thanks to Kim and Chase. I would highly recommend Kim's Cold Blooded Creatures to anyone!!!!!

  • Jamie Wacht (Friday, November 01 13 01:54 pm EDT)

    Kim came to my kindergarten class for a presentation. She was timely and engaging (and patient). Facts and timeframe well suited for 5 and 6 year olds. Holding the animals was a thrilling experience
    for all, including the teachers :) I would highly recommend her for any occasion!

  • Abbi Sarthou (Wednesday, October 09 13 02:43 pm EDT)

    Kim made my 5 year old birthday a huge hit! This is second time she has done a birthday party for our son. All of 16 of the kids had a fantastic time. The parents all said it was the best party they
    have been to.
    I highly recommend Kim for any birthday party or school event!

  • Trish Alderman (Sunday, July 28 13 03:13 pm EDT)

    This was the BEST birthday party! We had Kim at my son's birthday party and he loved it. The kids loved learning about each animal and then getting to hold them. Kim is wonderful to work with. She
    keeps the atmosphere fun and relaxed. I highly recommend her!

  • Alice DeFriez (Thursday, July 18 13 12:49 pm EDT)

    We had a great time with Kim, Alec and Shay for the Wasatch County Library Adventure story hour July 17, 2013
    Here are some pictures of the fun we had!!!


  • Tara Wood (Friday, June 21 13 12:10 am EDT)

    Kim came to my son's 5th birthday party and we were blown away. We had a group of about 20 kids and she was amazing with them. She let all the kids hold the animals they wanted to. She is fun ,
    relaxed, and very informative. The kids loved the show and I would recommend Kim and her awesome animals to anyone! Thanks Kim!

  • Carrie Dayton-Madsen (Saturday, June 08 13 01:31 pm EDT)

    Thank you for bringing these lovely creatures to our graduation at Another Way School in Park City, UT. The kids thoroughly enjoyed handling them. I fell in love with your gray banded king snake. I
    enjoyed the way it coiled it's way around my neck like a pretzel. When it gently squeezed my neck , it felt like a massage. I would love to see reptiles welcomed into the animal therapy community.

  • Lina Singleton (Thursday, June 06 13 03:50 pm EDT)

    Kim's Cold-Blooded Creatures has been entertaining our students for years. Her lessons on invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles are always a favorite. She has also been a hit at our annual Park City
    Children's Fair - such a cool experience for all ages!
    Thank you, Kim!

  • Angela Stelter (Wednesday, May 29 13 05:39 pm EDT)

    We just had Kim over for the 3rd birthday party at our house! I feel like they get better every time. Even the most reluctant guests will often feel comfortable to handle the animals in the created
    environment. Kim is fabulous!

  • MaryBeth (Monday, May 13 13 10:34 pm EDT)

    We hired Kim for our son’s birthday party after being to two of her public presentations and being very impressed. It’s all our boys talked about for months. Kim and her son Alex are incredibly
    professional. They are on time, set up quickly, are organized, and make sure each child (and adult) gets the time they want with each animal. Throughout the party Kim goes over facts about each
    creature to the point that you are so intrigued and suddenly want to pick up that creature you never thought you’d touch! We had five year olds and teenage girls holding the boa constrictor. You will
    by far get your money’s worth with having Kim at your party/event. Not to mention it will be the event that everyone will remember! I highly recommend her (our son is already asking when she can come
    again)! Many thanks to Kim & Alex!

  • Amy (Wednesday, May 08 13 08:52 pm EDT)

    Kim was amazing! We absolutely loved having her at our daughter's birthday party! She knows how to interact with and handle a large group of kids. Her presentation is engaging and educational. Book
    her now!

  • Lauren Alai (Tuesday, April 23 13 08:06 pm EDT)

    I have gotten to work with Kim twice now. The service Kim provides is one unlike any other. She is very dependable, brings a variety of animals, and puts on a great exhibit. I would recommend her for
    any anybody, she will not disappoint!

  • Nelson Kent (Tuesday, April 23 13 01:58 pm EDT)

    These reptiles and other critters were so awesome! It's not everyday you get to hold a giant snake. It is definitely one of my favorite events that comes to crimson nights each year.

  • Keeley Mendenhall (Tuesday, April 23 13 11:53 am EDT)

    Kim did a fantastic job at my son's 4th birthday party! He has been on cloud 9 ever since. Kim was able to answer everyone's questions and you can tell she loves her animals. She was totally
    professional, on time,very knowledgable, etc. I would totally recommend this if your kid is an animal lover!!

  • Nikhi Jamili (Monday, April 22 13 07:08 pm EDT)

    Kim's creatures are always a hit with our students! She's been a regular at Crimson Nights for the last couple of years, and she's not going anywhere! We could never take that away from our students!

  • Melonie (Monday, April 08 13 10:43 am EDT)

    WOW! what a great show! Kim and her son came to my 12 year old twins birthday party! We had a great time! We learned so much and the kids loved being able to hold the animals! Thanks Kim

  • Bryna (Tuesday, March 05 13 01:01 am EST)

    Thanks so much for a great party! You were wonderful with the kids, they all had a great time and learned so much. On time and quick setup was an amazing bonus :)

  • Sara (Monday, March 04 13 07:05 pm EST)

    Kim was absolutely amazing for my son's 7th birthday party, with not only her reptiles but the kids. She commanded the room and made it educational and fun for everyone who came. What I also loved
    was how clean her cages were, and there was absolutely no smell from the reptiles.

  • Em. (Wednesday, February 06 13 11:55 am EST)

    Kim and her creatures came to my daughter's 7th birthday party. They were a hit - with the girls AND with the adults. Kim is so patient with the kids. Her presentation is interesting and information.
    She had our attention, all the way to the end. We LOVED holding the animals and I was amazed that every single girl couldn't wait to hold the creatures. They were giddy with excitement. I would
    recommend Kim's presentation to anybody- children of any age to adults will enjoy her presentation. I'm certain that my daughter will want her to come next year too! Thanks so much, Kim. You made our

  • Eliza (Tuesday, February 05 13 02:48 pm EST)

    Kim came to our school to show the 2nd grade all of her wonderful creatures. It was great! The kids had a blast and learned a lot. And of course they are still talking about getting to hold and touch
    all of the animals. Thanks Kim!

  • Liz (Saturday, January 19 13 10:24 am EST)

    Kim came for my son's 6th birthday party and made it a huge success! All the kids had a great time learning about and touching the animals. They are already asking when she can come back. Having Kim
    at your party will make it unique and a fun hands-on learning experience for all invited!

  • Lori (Thursday, January 17 13 12:18 pm EST)

    This is the second time my son has had Kim and her creatures come to his birthday party (at his 5 yr old and now 6 years old). Kim and her son Alex are so great with children at teaching facts as
    well as creating a hands-on learning experience that keeps the young kids engaged as well as adults. Her price is a real "bang for your buck". I have seen a few reptile party people and none compare
    to Kim and what she offers. I could barely touch a reptile before and after having Kim come and holding her creatures I can now understand why they are endearing to my son as well as Kim. Her animals
    are well-cared for and the interaction Kim gives is the best! Thanks Kim and Alex. We'll probably see you next year too!

  • Cammie Schmitt (Sunday, January 13 13 12:28 am EST)

    Kim, and her family (creatures included) came out to celebrate Deyton's 8th birthday today.... They were AMAZING!!! She was so great with all the kids, and creatures. The presentation was way fun, it
    opened the kids eyes to New and cool things. She had Deyton help her out with EVERY creature, which was his dream come true! Everything about our experience with her was awesome! I will recommend her
    to EVERYONE!! Thank you again for everything Kim!!!!

  • Karina Larkin (Friday, December 14 12 11:57 am EST)

    Kim and her cold-blooded creatures just came to our house for my daughter's 7th birthday party. It was a hit! The kids are still talking about it. All of the kids (boys and girls) were able to hold
    one of the animals. Kim's calm nature really helps the kids feel comfortable around the animals. We would definitely use Kim again! Thanks for a fun party!

  • Amy Macuga (Sunday, November 25 12 01:10 pm EST)

    Kim and her wonderful creatures were a perfect addition to our daughter's 9th birthday party. By the end of her presentation, all the kids, including those who were hesitant, we're all handling her
    fabulous pets. One of the kids even said it was the best birthday party ever! Thanks, Kim!!!

  • Brandy Rasmussen (Monday, November 12 12 05:40 pm EST)

    Kim was amazing at our two year olds birthday party. The kids, parents and all of their siblings had a blast! Thanks for making it a fabulous party Kim, we appreciate it and can't wait to use you at
    our schools and future parties!

  • Hilary (Monday, November 12 12 11:15 am EST)

    Kim and her wonderful animals did a great presentation for us at Pretend Park City. All the kids had a great time. My favorite part is that Kim is so knowledgable that not only did the kids enjoy
    seeing/holding the animals they learned all sorts of facts about each of them. Thank you!

  • Shelly Ward (Wednesday, October 24 12 04:21 pm EDT)

    Kim provided a wonderful program at the Taylorsville Library! She brings a variety of unique creatures and creepy crawlies for the children to learn about. Kim is fun to listen to and provides a
    relaxed experience for the kids. The children LOVED seeing the animals up close after the program. I highly recommend Kim's Cold Blooded Creatures. We look forward to having her back at the library.

  • Brenda Lightfoot (Sunday, October 14 12 08:19 pm EDT)

    Kim, thanks for putting on such a great show for Grace's 7th Birthday. The kids had such a great time and were so intrigued. We love how you are so passionate and knowledgeable about your little (and
    big) creatures. Are you available next year (lol). See you around the hood. Brenda Lightfoot

  • Lisa Ridges (Tuesday, September 25 12 10:46 am EDT)

    Kim came to our annual Autism Carnival and she was the absolute hit of the day!! The kids LOVED the snakes and couldn't stop talking about them. This is the first year that Kim has come and we want
    to make sure she comes every year from here on. She is truly amazing and added so much to our event!!! Thanks Kim!!

  • Suzanne Heaton (Tuesday, September 18 12 05:10 pm EDT)

    Kim came to the Sandy Library and gave a wonderful presentation. She stayed late to talk to our patrons and let them touch and hold the animals.

  • Jennifer B. (Monday, September 10 12 09:22 am EDT)

    Xavier's surprise party was a success! He loved being the 'assistant' and handling all of your great critters- all the kids (big and small)enjoyed it. Would do it again!!

  • Breann hortin (Saturday, September 08 12 05:26 pm EDT)

    AMAZING, this was such a hit at my 3 yr olds bday! kids are still talking about it. 2 families have already called me to get kims number! Kim and her hlepers were so patient and amazing with the
    crowd as well as their creatures! worth every penny and then some :)

  • Jodi (Monday, July 23 12 12:17 pm EDT)

    "The best birthday party ever!" - A quote from my daughter and her friends after her party. Even the adults loved it! Thank you, Kim! Your presentation is fabulous and your creatures are amazing!
    Topped off with a Sugar Apron Cake, it is an ideal party combination!

  • Julie Schraufnagel (Sunday, July 15 12 02:36 pm EDT)

    Best ever! The kids loved the animals, even the staff fell in love with snakes! Who would've though?! Very professional, handled children well and calm, and answered all questions. Can't wait to do
    it again!

  • Jessica McClintic (Sunday, July 01 12 01:43 am EDT)

    Kim was amazing. Even though the adults had more questions than the kids, Kim was really patient and knowledgable.us to hold critters that we never would have imagined. She even got I would
    definately recommend her.

  • Kate Marshall (Saturday, June 23 12 09:34 pm EDT)

    We had Kim bring her "creatures" to my 9 year old daughter's birthday party. It was a hit! We all learned a lot and have a great appreciation for Kim and her pets. Thanks Kim!

  • Dayna (Friday, June 15 12 12:46 pm EDT)

    I love Kim and her cold-blooded creatures are amazing! I have had her come to my classes and after school programs several times and she is great! She is very good with the kids and knows how to give
    them great info about her animals! The kids love her!

  • Lina Singleton (Wednesday, June 06 12 06:18 pm EDT)

    Kim's Cold-Blooded Creatures have been attending the Park City Children's Fair for the past few years. Kim is professional & reliable and her animals are a hit for all ages! This event is always
    one of the first to be sponsored by our parents. Kim and her animals are perfect for every child's birthday or celebration of any kind!

  • Darian Carter (Wednesday, June 06 12 09:33 am EDT)

    Your website is awesome! I love the frog video and the western hognose video! Hopefully we can come visit Katniss soon,

  • Mrs. Smith (Sunday, May 20 12 10:48 pm EDT)

    Worth every penny!! Kim you did a fabulous presentation of all your critters - although it was hard to hear the all the animal facts over the squeals of delight. This is a great hands-on (tenderly)
    and wiggle-around party for kids. We had over twenty 4 to 8 year olds who were all enthralled and happy as can be. My daughter wants Kim at her next birthday party, and the next, and the next. :-)

  • Marcy (Monday, May 07 12 10:31 pm EDT)

    Kim and her family are absolutely amazing. They are great with the animals and even better with the kids. Instead of putting on an outrageous show which can teach the wrong thing to do they educate
    and open minds. Even better....Her prices are THE best!!

  • Diana Hammock (Sunday, April 22 12 11:48 am EDT)

    Your new site is wonderful. The parties are great.

  • Todd (Sunday, April 22 12 10:02 am EDT)

    Looks Really Good!